Hello! I'm Jessica, and welcome to Jessica Journals, to my little home on the internet! A cartoon image, from the shoulders up, of a curly brown haired white woman wearing glasses, a purple top, and gray dungarees. Behind are large stripes in black, gray, white and purple, with faint stars.

This is a website where I write about various interests of mine, mostly involving various aspects of techonology including self hosting, productivity and applications.

However, I have recently expanded to include more interests of mine, taking note from the resurgence of websites inspired by those from the 1990s and 2000s, the era I began participating online.

The content has been organised into a series of rooms, as if this website were a house. You can click on “Rooms” in the navigation bar above to find out more about the rooms and what is inside of them. Posts can also be navigated through the “Tags” page if you prefer instead, or by clicking on “Posts” which lists all the posts chronologically, both also found in the navigation bar. Lastly, “Recent Changes” of the last ten updated posts has been listed below.

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Recent Changes: